About Us

New Horizons Fellowship is a member of the Missionary Church Denomination and the National Association of Evangelicals. CentralDistrictMC.org MCUSA.org NAE.net


New Horizons Fellowship Leadership

Senior Pastor: Jeff Elliott


Board of Deacons

Board Chairman: Jim Keifer
Deacon of Secretarial Ministries: Theresa Hoffman
Deacon of Trustees: Crayton McCleery
Deacon of Worship: Linda Keifer
Deacon of Missions: Karen Gick
Deacon of Spiritual Life: Kris Carroll
Deacon of Stewardship: Gary Merrell
Deacon of Education: Open
Member at Large: Ruth Merrell

Pastor Jeff and Tanya have been serving NHF since July of 2007. They have three kids, Ethan, Sydney & Harrison and love to travel. Pastor Jeff loves books, movies, music, sports, history and teaching the Bible. His passion is to see the people of God become fully devoted disciples who have discovered their own gifts and passions and are serving God’s kingdom.



Church History

New Horizons Fellowship formed on November 7, 1993 as a result of a merger between New Haven Missionary Church and Holton Avenue Missionary Church. We proudly embrace the rich heritage of both of these churches and honor those who have passed on a legacy of faith to us.